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other-girl - >>I'm other girl<<

This day...

Today at school I had exam on English lesson. I hope I writed it very well. Tomorrow I go to chool for three lesson because my school has 90 years old and tomorrow is party. I write my new book but I don't over other story. Me and my friend Maya have got hope for succes our books. My parents want renew my home. It's good idea because it's ugly on
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other-girl 24/04/2008 15:15:22 [komentarzy 0] your opinion

First note is about me!

Hi! I'm Polish but i like English. This is my English diary. Now some information about me:

First Name: Ania
Surname: Unimportant
B-day: 21st of September
Year: 1996
When I've got free time I ...: play computer games, write diary and my own books, visit my friends,  listen to music.

It's everything about me. Any questions? Now is time for pictures.

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other-girl 23/04/2008 20:14:56 [komentarzy 3] your opinion

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